Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Project

Life has mostly been put on hold this week due to the crazy storms here. That's just how we roll in California. Anything below 65 degrees requires a scarf. Rain means you stay inside and eat anything you can find in your pantry because going to the grocery store is impossible. Cleaning house is off limits too because you have to sit near a window and keep an eye on the wind and the river forming in the street. Riding out a storm here is quite a big commitment.

Yesterday, I finally decided to get off my arse and make something. I've been hanging on to a bag of scraps from the Urban Chicks Sweet and Swell lines with plans to make a quilt. I kept putting off making the quilt because I wasn't sure whether I was going to keep it for myself or give it away as a gift. I decided to just dive in and decide what to do with it when it's finished.

I didn't have a lot of scraps so I added in some cream kona cotton squares. Yes, I do see that the cream is probably too white in comparison to the birdie print but I'm cheap and I think it will look fine once the batting added.

The pieced squares are big enough to make a baby quilt but I'd really like for this to be a larger quilt that an adult can use so I'm going to add some big borders. I'm thinking an 8 inch border made with a pattern from either the Swell or Sweet line that isn't already in the quilt and then a really big 12-15 inch white border around that. Thoughts? Too much border? I'm not really a quilter so I don't know what the rules are.

While I was taking pictures of my quilt top, my little cutie was posing next to it. She's so silly and fun and she really makes me happy.Align CenterI don't know if I can bring myself to be creative today. It's pouring and I have to go grocery shopping. And yesterday's productivity was punished with pink eye (I've never had it before and I'm not finding it to be enjoyable). I am planning to make corn bread and honey butter for the first time though and that should count for something.

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Deb said...

Well the rules for quilting are there are no rules. When I make a quilt I usually add one surprise fabric that really doesn't match. So you could do 2 borders if you want in 2 different colors or prints. The colors in your quilt make me think of a Christmas quilt so you could make this into a Christmas tablecloth if you wanted. Just ideas for you, Deb Hunt. Visit my blog: