Thursday, April 24, 2008

Breaking News

This just in...the Crafty Family will be returning home today! Don't get too excited yet though. We'll only be home through the weekend and then it's back to hotel life...with no end in sight. I will definitely be listing a new bag or maybe two this afternoon and am planning to set up shop in the kitchen over the next few days to make up for lost time. If you've been working with me on a custom order, thanks for your patience! I'm hoping to wrap up all of the loose ends on the custom order front this weekend.

If you're the type to think good thoughts (I'm not, I'm definitely a glass is half empty kind of girl), please think some happy thoughts for our family. I know I sound like a big whiner (probably because I am), but this whole ordeal has been really trying for all of us, especially myself and Bella. Even though I'm happy to have a little break from hotel life, the house is a mess with construction debris and it just feels weird to be in my house knowing that strangers have been in here all week. I keep looking around finding new spots on the carpet, random dirt and scratches on my walls and wondering whether that will all be tended to or we'll be left with a big mess at the end of this. New issues keep popping up that have to be reviewed and approved by the insurance company which delays everything by a few days.

Last night at dinner, I confessed to Crafty Papa that I really don't want to live here anymore. I just have a bad feeling about the house now and it doesn't feel like home. All of the nice memories are overshadowed by the freakin tree incident. So, I was thinking I'll start playing the lottery and all of you can do power ball or whatever your state offers with the understanding that you'll send me $100,000 to move out of this house if you win. Don't worry, I would be happy to trade you a bag for the $100,000. Let me know when you need my address for the check.

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Marie said...

Now that you shared those details about the construction and having people in your house all week, etc...I can understand why you wouldn't want to live there anymore. It would be hard for me to know people have been in my house all week too and to have your girls off schedule and not at home.
You're amazing to still be able to do some sewing! :)

Hopefully this will all be over soon!