Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Productivity=Even Lower

Ugh! My husband was out of town last night for work so I had to spend the night alone for the first time in several years. I don't do well alone. The last time he took an overnight business trip, I called him at 3am in Maryland while I was hiding in the corner of the living room, certain there was a man on my roof. I swear though, I'm just a little crazy, not a lot.

So, I was planning to sew last night after getting the girls in bed but Matea was very fussy and clingy and didn't fall asleep until almost 9:00, two hours after her normal bedtime. It felt weird not having Crafty Papa here so I was already having trouble sleeping but then Bella fell out of bed around 1:00 and asked me to sleep with her for a few minutes. So, I slept with her in a twin bed from about 2:00-6:30.

I was barely dragging myself around this morning when I realized both girls were showing no signs of improving so I needed to get them to the doctor. Bella has a double ear infection and Matea has one in one ear. They're both on a really strong antibiotic now that will hopefully help them finally kick the respiratory crap too.

I decided to close my eyes for 15 minutes this afternoon while Matea napped and then work on bag-making. Well, Bella wouldn't be quiet and Matea decided to cut her nap short (only 30 minutes!) for the third day in a row so I got absolutely nothing done.

I don't know whether I'll stick with listing tomorrow evening or just wait until Sunday. I've only been able to make two bags so far this week and I've been invited to do a girls night out at a local winery tomorrow night so maybe I'll sell those there. So, if there's something in the shop you have your eye on, be warned, it may not be there after tomorrow evening.


Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Oh man . . so sorry! I can't sleep either when Bo is out of town! Hate it!

jona said...

Poor little girls! Poor Crafty Mama! I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

I'm the same way when Joey is out of town. I just put in one movie after another until I fall asleep on the couch at around 3:00 (after I've checked all the locks for the 15th time).

keels&peanut said...

So sorry to hear your babes are sick. (((HUGS))) Hopefully they get better soon, and you are able to get some much needed rest as well.