Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Stuff

These fabulous items will be going in my shop within minutes of this post. And I really do think they're fabulous. I'm really loving the first two. Remember that girls' night out I did a few weeks ago at a local winery? Well, there were these two girls who walked up, one held up a bag to the other and said she thought she'd like it. The other girl said something like, "Uh, no! Way too crazy and loud for me." So, I got to thinking, some customers may like my fabric choices but feel like the bag is a little too "hey, look at me!" for them. I've been trying to find a way to incorporate smaller portions of some of the more crazy and bold fabrics for those of you who are more...boring.

Anyway, I wanted something with some texture, to keep the bag interesting. But since I shop online mostly, I was having trouble finding something that I knew would work until I ran across this natural colored linen this morning. Very happy with the end result and even more happy with how great my new machine is with doing appliques.


Kristi said...

Those are beautiful

Jennifer said...

I love the applique stuff, but I am definitely a bold not boring girl. :)