Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm on vacation

at an Oxford Suites hotel about 10 miles from my own home. Ok, so not really a vacation when you're just trying to escape the construction dust, noise, and fumes in your house. Anyway, you've probably noticed I haven't posted in the last few days. I have no idea when we'll be back home but I can guarantee it won't be soon enough.

I'm in the midst of a pity party so I thought I'd share a list of all the things I miss.

1. My sewing machine and fabric. I got some new fabric in the mail yesterday and it's killing me that I can't use my sewing machine and whip up something cute.

2. My Trader Joe's Hazelnut Creme coffee and Coffeemate French Vanilla creamer. The hotel coffee is disgusting, as expected.

3. My tv. I'm not a huge tv watcher anymore but I miss knowing my channels.

4. My sense of control. I might have a slight tendency toward being bossy and in charge. Doesn't really work well with hotel life and construction workers who seem to be lacking a concept of time.

5. My clothes. I do not find living out of a suitcase to be enjoyable. I like options. I almost went to Walmart this morning to buy a gray hooded, zip up sweatshirt as a sign that I had given up.

6. My mailbox. Mail delivery if often the highlight of my day. It's just not the same driving up there at night to get my mail.

Let the sympathy comments begin. Seriously, I'm deep in the throws of pity.


Tonya said...

hugs Kelci, I feel bad for you. That would freak me out too, I like being at my house with my stuff.

Marie said...

I would hate that too Kelci, but then I was just thinking about how close you are to the beach and then I started to not feel so bad...:) (So kidding, ok!) You should go get your coffee from home, every little bit helps to feel a little more at home while you're away from home. On the bright side, at least your house is finally being worked on! Hang in there! :)

jona said...

But you don't have to make your bed and you get fresh soap everyday (trying to look on the bright side!). I'm glad you're finally getting the roof finished, it'll all be over soon. But you definitely need to find some decent coffee, that would drive me nuts.

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Hugs, hugs . . you will have some happy mail soon! I feel for you! :(