Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've lost my mind

Example One: I've been obsessing about some buttons for over a month now. I saw them at the Cotton Ball when I was buying my new sewing machine but Tater was spinning out of control and I didn't have time to browse and buy them. I've talked myself out of going back specifically for the buttons on several occasions because it's over 50 miles round trip and gas is just too expensive. I've literally spent hours on the internet trying to find these ginormous wood, stained buttons. I filled up on gas today at a record high of $4.09/gallon and thought, what better time to drive to Morro Bay for buttons? I'm usually so practical and thrifty, I don't know what happened.

Example Two: Here are the buttons...

Yeah, they're not wood. Nor are they stained. Furthermore, they don't look anything like I remembered. I still like them and bought a few but am wondering how my mind just created my own line of buttons. And really, I think the bigger question is, will being trapped in this hotel have long term effect on my sanity?

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Kelci -
Now that you have your buttons created in your head, how about becoming a button designer so the rest of us can enjoy them? You could become the Heather Bailey of buttons!
Love the new colors on blog.