Sunday, April 13, 2008

Could I be any more lucky?

First, I made some items today that I was really proud of. I mean, I usually like my work but am always picking away at what I would change or do better. But today, I loved the bags I made. Listed my 5 items and a few hours later, only 2 are left. That feels good.

On top of that, I had a wonderful night at the beach with my family. I was never a big beach person but I guess after living here for over 10 years and seeing the beach every day, I've finally learned to appreciate it. I really do feel like I live in a paradise and love watching my girls play with new excitement every time we go down to the beach. And how lucky am I that I can see the ocean just a few steps from my door and have my toes in the sand after just a five minute drive? You all really should move here and join me. It's pretty damn near perfect.


Shana said...

Aw...super cute family photo! You are pretty lucky I must say so! And why wouldn't those bags sell like hot cakes!?! They are after all YOUR FABULOUS WORK!!!

marievilla said...

I can't believe you live that close to the beach-really makes me miss living in San Diego. I'm starting to really hate you. :)