Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Channeling my inner Duggar

It's no secret that I love me some Duggar Family. In so many ways, I couldn't be more opposite from them (I check the "none" box on the religious preference question) and although my mom would laugh hysterically at me, I actually have learned a few things watching their show.

So, I'm reading their book. My mom was here last week and saw it lying around and choked back laughter to ask me whether I bought it. Um, no. In true Duggar fashion, I checked it out from the library so as not to spend money that I don't have. Ooooo, and speaking of spending money and the Duggars, I got my hair cut last week. A very un-Duggar pixie cut.

But, to make my favorite family proud, I got it cut at the local beauty school for $10 and colored and highlighted it myself for $14.99 plus tax. Not too shabby.

So, back to the book. I've been employing two Duggar techniques that really seem to be working for me.

First, I'm constantly deferring to Steve Bob and his infinite wisdom. It's sort of a joke but sort of not. Saying that I like to argue is an understatement. I thrive on confrontation and disagreement. So it's not unusual for us to go to the drive in movies and discuss our parking spot for 15 minutes. It's not really arguing, just lenghty stubborn disagreement. Now, on all of those little issues, I just say, "Steve Bob, I'm deferring to you and your infinite wisdom." Actually saying it outloud makes us both laugh, lightens the mood, and then I follow up with a brief evil eye so he knows I really do want him to just make the freakin decision. Michelle looks at Jim Bob lovingly when she says this so we do differ slightly on our approach.

Second technique I'm using is bribery. No, seriously. I got this from Michelle. When we go out to run errands, I decide on some kind of small treat for good behavior (usually 5 jelly beans). Before we leave, we have a pep talk in the car. "We're going to xxx, and yyy. You're either in the cart or out, no back and forth. No running in the store and no beating each other up. No stomping your foot at me or screaming or telling me what I "have to do!". You get one warning. If I have to give you a second warning, no treat."

Maybe the magic will wear off but at Vons this morning, an employee told me how lovely my children were. According to Michelle, it only takes 2 or 3 instances of one child not earning his/her treat to see that mama means business.

Hope you've enjoyed your Duggar lesson for the day. Really, I just wanted to write something about a family other than The Gosselins.


Tonya said...

We love the Duggars too! Especially my kids, they love families that are bigger than ours. I would so love to be as kind and soft spoken as Michelle, unfortunately that will never happen LOL I am a yeller and probably always will be. I use the bribery trick when we go out too, and it works.

Your haircut is so cute!

"Me" of BellaLu and Me. said...

Great haircut! Thanks for the tip. Please share some more Duggar wisdom.

kbloems27 said...

Okay I am glad I am not alone on the Duggar family!! I am so trying the bribery trick, I mean if it works it works. I love hearing compliments like that about my kids! Thanks for sharing.

Cute haircut too!!

Bonnie said...

Cute hair cut Kelci!
I love your stories. The first one is just plain funny and the second. Hey I am going to try it. If it works then I am going to borrow that book too! Glad to know you enjoyed it. Great stuff!

jona said...

I love that Duggar wisdom, and that smokin' new hair (very un-Duggar, true). I wish I could be soft spoken too but I'm a (sarcastic) yeller. I'm pretty good at deferring to Joey Bob though. My attitude is I have better things to do than try to be the boss (besides..."the man is the head, but the woman is the neck...").