Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm sewing today

For you, my people. I promised myself that I'll get two new bags listed in my shop today. It's rainy and windy out, a perfect day to set up my machine at the kitchen counter and sew while the ladies do play dough or water color maker paintings.

I'm drinking my new favorite iced tea (Lipton's Red Tea), have a loaf of bread rising in the bread machine, and am about to start ironing my fabric. First up, some lovely blue florals from Amy Butler. Be sure to check out the shop in a few hours.


Kristi said...

So, I just went and looked through your shop and made myself happy on my second official day of summer. I justified spending the money by buying a summer bag that will coordinate with the new outfit I recently got, promising to wear the new apron whenever I'm whipping up all of the culinary concoctions I've been planning for the summer ;), and picking out some girly cuteness for a friend's sweet baby girl who is turning one next month. Glad you made some stuff that I *needed*!

Oh yeah, and boosting sales in a friend's shop doesn't hurt, either!

Love you!

Kelci said...

You totally made my morning Kristi! You'll LOVE the bag. I really think it's even prettier in person and it's definitely roomy enough for a mom. Thank you so much for the support!