Thursday, June 4, 2009

My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps

I totally had to use that title for this post, right?

If you're a regular reader, you know I like to cycle through addictions. Mild, socially acceptable addictions like making bread. I inherited my grandpa's bread machine and I think I inherited his tendency toward addictions too (he had a smoothie phase, milk shake phase, fruit drying phase). Ok, I didn't actually "inherit" the bread machine, I just kind of told my grandma I was taking it along with grandpa's bulk Swiffer supplies from Costco.

I had the bread machine for over a year before finally using it recently. Now, I can't stop. I want to feed the world's hungry with bread made in my kitchen. Or, maybe just ease our grocery budget a little by baking my own bread. Yeah, that seems like a way more achievable goal. I've made honey whole wheat bread that my baby ladies love, worked on a bread experiment for a friend (that didn't go well), and today I made rolls to go with dinner. I have no idea how they taste yet but I think they look pretty and they allowed me to use a ridiculous title on this post, so that's a bonus.

I'm still keeping up my addiction to baking. Yesterday was Bella's pre-k graduation and I made cupcakes with homemade frosting, piped on about half of them (then I realized it was an hour until school time and I wasn't dressed, brushed, or made up). And to overachieve in the domesticity category, I paired the cupcake display with fresh hydrangeas from my yard. Please refer to me as Kelci Stewart from now on.

And speaking of addictions, I'm on day 18 of being Diet Pepsi free!


jona said...

Great. I won't get that song out of my head now and will probably start singing it out loud at the grocery store without even realizing it. Great job on breaking the pepsi addiction!! Oh, and those humps look great (teehee)!

Beth said...

Yeah - I've found the humungous tip to be so much fun on cupcakes. Love the hydrangeas!

Kristi said...

LMAO...only you can use a Fergie song to describe bread!

Cute cupcakes!