Saturday, June 6, 2009

I did it

I actually started and finished a rather large project in a timely manner.

And I couldn't be happier with it.

I have to be honest, as I was finishing the quilt last night, I was near tears. I didn't realize that stippling a large quilt is not the best idea for a beginner. But all of the puckering and gathers on the back of my quilt definitely proved that free motion quilting is best left to more experienced seamstresses. Even though my local quilt shop lady had assured me that all would be ok once I washed and dried the quilt, I was still really upset last night, thinking that I'd be too embarrassed to show my final product to anyone.

Not so. It definitely isn't perfect but it's all made by me and for this project, that's what was important.

I was up late last night working on my masterpiece, washed it and threw it in the dryer at 11:00 and went to bed. It was like Christmas when I woke up this morning. I flew out of bed to see what was waiting for me in the dryer. The quilt shop lady was right, all of my flaws on the back almost (almost) disappear after drying.

I tried lots of new things with this quilt...a new pattern, stippling, decorative stitching on the binding, larger size...and am really proud of myself for sticking with it and finishing things. Last night when I was debating whether to try something new on the binding or do the hand tacking I've done in the past, I decided that this quilt was meant to be a learning experience for me so I dove in and did the decorative stitching and am so happy with the result.
I think making the quilt gave me a little more confidence in trying new sewing projects and definitely made me see the value in sewing for myself and my family. Is there a big project you've been afraid to tackle? Do it! The result may not be perfect, but you'll feel great about it.


Marie said...

It's beautiful! I am totally inspired especially since I just joined a quilt along and am working on sewing the strips together. I'm very nervous about the quilting part of it...I've never quilted before, but your results give me hope that even if I do mess up, it will still be fine because I made it for our home. Thanks! I'll take any tips or help you can offer.

Tonya said...

I think the quilt is beautiful and that you did a great job, Kelci!!!! I am impressed with your stippling, I was chicken and just did straight line quilting on my first quilt LOL Very cute idea doing a decorative stitch on the binding! It looks great on your sofa.

Kristi said...

I've never made a quilt, but own quite a few. So, I feel qualified enough to comment on your quilt. I love it, adore your fabric choices and think you did a damn good job!

And yay for finishing it! ;)

jona said...

Wow Kelci! I'm completely impressed! You did a beautiful job (and fast too). What a treasure!