Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The End is Near

For the Babycenter Bargain Board. THE Bargain Board. I suspect a lot of people who read my blog probably lurk there too. Even though I rarely post there, I've been reading that board for over five years and can't believe that the idiot head honchos are really doing away with the current format even though a huge percentage of people have said they won't be part of the new board.

Anyway, the end of THE Bargain Board should free up lots of time for me to do other more important things like clean, care for the children, etc. I know it's probably a good thing but I have several unresolved issues such as:

-Will Wenders ever get baby Clarissa from China?
-Is 5Familypluskitty really as irritating as she seems online or does she know everyone makes fun of her and she likes the laughs?
-Will JordansKisses reach her goal weight and finally meet her match.com match (or wherever her personal ad is)?
-What happened to ChuckleHeads lady (Kiera? Kara? can't remember) and her estranged husband getting arrested?
-Will newmommyinvegas get her old landlord to pay her crazy utility bill?
-Is JoJoBob really another poster on the board with a separate identity or just some random person?
-Is WigglesandGumballs really as perfect as she seems? I swear, she has the right answer for everything and seems to communicate it in a really nice, effective way. I keep waiting for someone to bust her.

Yeah, none of the above has anything to do with bargains but it was still good times. I foresee some lost sleep in my future.

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Lacey said...

If i talk to my sister i will let you know if she gets her bill paid :) LOL :) GOOD TIMES I tell ya!!