Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saturday Morning Friday Night Knitting Club

So, I was feeling anxious for Saturday morning to get here so I could buy my yarn, attend my crochet class, and start on my vest. So anxious, that I went in this morning armed with my pattern and tutorials, ready to buy yarn and ask a few questions. I totally did not get a Friday Night Knitting Club vibe. Maybe because it's not Friday Night. Or maybe because I'm crocheting and not knitting. Or maybe because that was a book and not reality.

Anyway, I just didn't feel the warmth and "you can do it!" that I was hoping for. So now I'm questioning whether I can do it. I told them my pattern was in the "easy" category but wanted to make sure it really is appropriate for a beginner who's never used a pattern. I was met with some concerned looking stares.

And the class on Saturday is with a man. What's up with that? Totally not Friday Night Knitting Club appropriate. There was a class in progress when I was there this morning and not only did I not see Friday Night Knitting Club style pastries, but also absolutely no talking. It was weird. I was all excited about trying to become a Thursday Night Open Knit regular but I think they'll ask me to leave. I think I need to start my own club. Thursday Night Crocheting Club...any takers?

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