Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Favorites

1. My new pink pearl Electra beach cruiser! We had decided to get me a new bike for my upcoming birthday but Crafty Papa snuck behind my back, teamed up with my mom and grandma and got me this bike which is waaaaaay nicer than what we were planning to buy. He suggested we go into our local bike shop last night and see what they had. Turns out he had already gone in, test driven some bikes, and picked out and paid for this one. I love the bike but even more than that, I love that he put so much thought and effort into it.

Matea just got this really cool Trek Trikester from my dad and stepmom for her birthday.

Now Bella's sad that she's the only one without a really nice pink bike so declared last night in Trinity Cyclery that this Electra bike should be hers. Unfortunately, she just got a bike for her birthday last January and this one is $190 so she's stuck with her teal metallic ride for a while.

2. Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Cups. Bought them last night, half the container is gone. Enough said.

3. My neighbor, Sharon. I've mentioned her here before asking for thoughts and prayers for her after she suddenly lost her husband and mother in law earlier this year. Somehow, even after such terrible events, she's remained an amazingly selfless friend and neighbor. She's sort of become like my fill-in mom in between my mom's visits and calls. At least once a week, I go to her with, "look at this weird thing", "come over and smell this", "can I still eat this".

This morning, she called and said she was heading out of town to see her son and his family and had left some pizza on my porch and told me to go pick some tomatoes. My tomatoes are taking forever to ripen so I happily took advantage of her garden and came back with a huge bowl full. I think I'll use them to make carne con chile on Monday and invite her over for dinner.


♡~:nanners:~♡ said...

ooo, i love your new bike! how cuuuuuuuute is that??!

i'm comin' over on Monday to eat too! ;)

Kelci said...

Ok Nannette, thankfully you didn't see me ride past your house last night. When we got home, Steve dropped me off at the entrance to the park so I could test out my new bike. He freakin drove right next to me all the way home! And the girls were hanging out of the windows waving and screaming, "Hey Mama! Mommmy, Mommy look over here!". I thought for sure everyone ran to their windows to watch the spectacle.

roxybonds said...

Love your new ride!!!!!

LMAO at your grand entrance!!1

Anonymous said...

love the's an idea for some pink paint and surprise her with a new look!
love your bags.....
thanks for the inspiration!

Gretchen said...

I never considered "cute" a word to describe a bike, but I've never seen a pink bike before (for an adult anyway.) That is one CUTE bike!!!!!