Saturday, March 1, 2008

A few notes

1. Trunk show is this Friday. That means that I'll be super busy sewing this week but I may not list everything so I can save some for the trunk show and not have you Etsyers snatch away all the really good stuff like you did a few weeks ago. I'll also be removing several listings in the next few days so I can take the items with me to the trunk show and a little craft fair thingy the following weekend. So, this is your warning, if you've been thinking of buying it, do it now. I don't have any pity for whining.

2. Remember the tree that fell through my house approximately 8 weeks and 17 hours ago? In case you think you missed an update, you didn't. We've been living with holes in our ceiling and a demolished bathroom this entire time. Our contractor said that All State, State Farm, etc. would have declared this an emergency claim but not good ole American Modern. They (meaning our adjuster) decided to be very pregnant and not mention it to us. They also decided not to mention our claim to anyone else in the office or in anyway prepare for handling the Crafty Family once that little baby popped out. The baby was born about two weeks ago and it took several days for us and the contractor to get word that our adjuster was out of the office for several weeks. We finally got in touch with someone who said our claim was now top priority. Apparently, "top priority" means "We'll get back to you in a week or so". Anyway, we're finally moving forward and our entire roof is being replaced next week. We're hoping to stay here and then move to a hotel for the following two weeks while they do interior work. I don't really know if/how my sewing will fit into hotel life. I'll keep you posted on that.

3. I think I may have to give myself a verbal warning at my new job. I called in sick on Monday, and I really was sick, promised myself I'd make it up later in the week but that didn't happen. I only got four hours sleep on Wednesday and Thursday night this week so I also excused myself from work during Tater's nap time yesterday afternoon. Yes, I could have made it up last night but decided to scrapbook instead. I really like to stay current with my scrapping and I'm now about 3 months behind so it definitely needed attention.

4. I'm waiting right now for Crafty Papa to get home so we can go to the next town over. He has to get a part from Sears for our fridge that is dying...again. The fridge died about a year ago, we paid several hundred dollars to get it repaired and purchased a warranty...that expired on Monday. Those bastards! They must have found a part labeled "good for one year and two days". Instead of the fridge problem, I'm trying to focus on the fact that I'll be going over to Target to purchase a new Dust Buster which sadly, makes me very excited.

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Kristi said...

I was just thinking about your whole tree ordeal earlier today! The whole insurance industry is completely whacked IMHO.

Best of luck to you at your trunk show. I know you will do great! (And hopefully people will learn to spell your name correctly!!!)