Monday, March 17, 2008

I can't think of a title

I have some random things to share tonight.

First, I really have become addicted to the decorative stitching on my new machine. I think it's some kind of weak moderation gene I inherited from my grandpa. When I find something I like, whether it's food or a new t-shirt, I go crazy over-stocking up on it or over using it. My grandpa was the same way. When he discovered he liked smoothies, he had to get a smoothie machine right away and then had smoothies every day for a month. The next month, it was on to something else. It worked out well for me though because since he died over three years ago, I've gotten his smoothie machine, bread maker, a lifetime supply of Swiffer refills and razor blades for Steve, and more.

Anyway, here's what I did with the stitching tonight. If I wouldn't have gotten so excited to jump into it, I would have used a vibrant thread. Next time.

Ok, next. Did you guys know I'm going to be featured in a new local magazine next month? I'm soooooooo excited and honored. It's amazing how many wonderful things are happening to me this year...minus the tree through the house. Live Artfully is a new magazine in San Luis Obispo that's all about local artists and crafters. The editor, Jenny, found out about me through Mari at the boutique and decided to include me in the April issue which is all about bags. Anyway, I got a sneak peek tonight and the article and pics and got all choked up. The pictures of my bags are gorgeous and I believe that she somehow stretched the picture of me because I look like 20 pounds thinner. Thanks Jenny!

Ok, lastly, I've decided to offer a volume discount to my loyal addicts. Here are the details:

Buy any 3 items from my Etsy shop and receive 10% off the total purchase price.
Buy 4 items from the shop and receive 15% off, five items or more and get a 20% discount.
Offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount and does not apply to sale items.
Purchases must be made within a three day time period and paid for with one Paypal transaction. Please convo me if you're interested in using this discount so I can send you a revised invoice.


lena rushing said...

( :yay i can't wait to see the magazine! also, i want to see the bag that belongs to the stitch pictured.
when i go trolling for etsy stuff i often see adorable bag, when i click on them to get a better look i always think that your bags look so much more professional and just of higher quality craftsmanship. now with all these new creative stitches your definitely at the top of your game. tell steve to hang tight,he should bee able to quit working soon ( :...crap,then who's going to give me a deal on oil changes.

lena rushing said...

umm...i guess i should've proof read that before publishing it ( : i meant to say,"see adorable bagS" and ,"he should BE able.."
kelci already knows i'm a horrible one handed half assed typer, but that's no reason to punish the rest of you with wretched spelling. my new internet tag should be,"i'm not as dumb as i type" ( :

jona said...

I'm such a loser. I've had my new machine for 2 months and have hardly tried any of the cool stitches (which were the reason I bought the darn thing!).
Cute bag!