Monday, March 24, 2008

Toughest Critic

Bella is without a doubt, my toughest critic. So, when I decided to make her Easter dress along with Matea's, I was really nervous about her reaction. She's very girlie and princess-y and the style of dress I'm capable of making is far too simple and not nearly twirly enough for her taste.

So, I was keeping my fingers crossed that she would actually wear it on Sunday and she did! And the funny part is, I don't like hers on her near as much as I like Matea's. I think Bella looks cute and all but I think her sleeves are too poofy and she insisted on bunching them up on her shoulders.

I finally got back to sewing today after three days off. Listed this patchwork bag this afternoon and whipped up a little messenger bag this evening along with a little boy's outfit I'll be posting tomorrow morning. I had planned to make one more bag tonight but the mess in my craft room has reached a new high and I'm almost unable to work in there. And trust me, I'm used to working in a messy room so it must be really bad if I'm putting off sewing to clean.


jona said...

What in the world??! I would never have thought to put those fabrics together and look at how fantastic it turned out!! They look like such darling and fun sisters. I bet they got tons of compliments all day long.

Sarah said... post us a picture of your messy crafting room....LOL!!

By the need to put on your listings for the BIG bags that a small child will also fit inside the bags...18 month old DS fit inside and the bag is strong enough to carry him at 22 pounds heavy!!!!

Thanks and I love my bag...I carry scrap supplies in it:)

roxybonds said...

Such cute dresses on the cutest little girls!!!!