Thursday, March 27, 2008

Most Fabulous Outfit Evah!

I know I mention my friend Jona's name a lot here (and I should probably start saying it correctly in my head but I can't. Sorry, she'll always be Jone-ah to me. I just can't say John-ah. Don't feel bad though Jone-ah. In my head, I call my friend, Shanna, Shanna like rhymes with banana but I think it's really Shawna. Totally not my fault your parents misspelled your names).

Anyway, you must check out this amazing outfit she just listed on Ebay. I bid on it! I totally shouldn't have. I bid almost my weekly grocery budget. Frick! I so want to win it. I think it's absolutely gorgeous and totally Bella. But I'm afraid Steve would divorce me. If I win, I'll just tell him Jona sent it to me for free because I'm such a good customer for her fabric shop. That's totally believable, right? I've never been one of those wives who hides purchases or lies about money spent shopping but I may have to find a way to make this one sound less expensive if I do win. And the thing is, it's worth waaaaay more than I bid so if I do win, then I'll feel like crap because I'll feel like Jona got short changed. It's really a no win situation. Crap.

And like I mentioned below with Marie, don't go reading the rest of Jona's blog. She's what I would aspire to be if I wasn't too lazy. Not only does she have five kiddos, she home schools, has an Ebay/Etsy sewing gig, an online fabric shop and appears to have a really cute, always clean craft room. I think I'm starting to love to hate her.


marievilla said...

I just bought one of your bags I loved the moment I saw it with all the pretty new Ginger blossom prints and with that repeat customer discount, it was too good a deal to pass up. But now I'm feeling like I short changed you-so don't feel too bad if you win that awesome outfit from Jona (it's so darn irresistable isn't it?)! It's Jone-ah in my head too-sorry John-ah.

jona said...

Dang people! Is it so difficult to say Johnna??!! Snark.
Oh well. Whatever.

Hey Kelci. I think there's a rule against linking to people who are linking to you. It causes the readers to get sucked into a blog vortex from which there is no escape. Thanks for the bid (if those little girlies go hungry it's not my fault!).

Julia said...

did you win it yet???