Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's Lesson

Sometimes it pays to be a stalker. I drew the names this morning for the gift certificate give away and guess who won the $25 gc. That's right, Heather Stalker (that's not her real last name, I randomly selected that name to protect her privacy).

The $15 gc was won by my old high school friend, Natalie, who I recently reconnected with online. She has an adorable baby boutique you must check out at

And the $10 gift certificate goes to a new customer, Amy, who I'm guessing has a new baby girl or one on the way so hopefully she can find something sweet in my shop for her.

Thanks everyone for your purchases in the last month. I really do appreciate the business and all of the nice emails and feedback. I'm having so much fun with my little sewing gig and all of your support is really making my little work at home mom business venture a big success.

And Bella says thank you for the cinnamon rolls:) We had a special breakfast this morning to celebrate drawing the contest winners. Bella loves any reason to celebrate and even sang a little song about it.

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