Monday, March 10, 2008

Two Bunny Babies

I love how these Easter babies turned out with their cute little bunny ears! One will go on Etsy tomorrow and the other will go with me to the event this weekend and then onto Etsy if she doesn't sell there.

I thought "Pink Eye Smile" was such a cute name, I decided to let Bella name each doll before sale. Apparently she was a one hit wonder. So, now, Crafty Papa has been given naming duties with my approval, of course. If this goes how it usually does with us, he'll propose some stupid name that I'll have to veto and replace with something better.

Ok, so I just asked him about naming these as I was typing and here's what he has decided. He thinks I need to come up with some kind of theme. First he said Greek goddesses (um, no), then bodies of water (um, double no). Then he decided on celebrities since I'm a celebrity gossip junkie. So he said to think about what celebrity comes to mind when I think of "bunny". So, of course my mind jumps to playboy bunnies. Then, the first one I could think of was Jenny McCarthy. He thought of Brooke Burke. So, I present to you Brooke (on the left) and Jenny (on the right).


lena rushing said...

very cute. i can't decide if i like the buttons or the sleepy eyes better.seriously, i love them..or as your computer friends would say....kelci your amazing,a real gem,very talented,wow,can we make out. i'm hurt that you ddnt go with my idea of naming them after STD's. jenny looks like a giraffe wearing bunny suit ( : the pink n blk n wht one is still my fav ( :

Kelci said...

Wait, because of the dots? I didn't even think about that. Too funny. You're welcome to come to the Daydream Spring Shopping event and purchase the black and white one:) She'll match your new black furniture.

Kristi said...

I DO love them! I may be a "computer friend", but I draw the line at making out... ;0)

jona said...

It's a good thing they're both girl bunnies or you would've woken up to 20 of them!