Saturday, March 8, 2008

Two things

Wait, I just thought of a third one, so lets make it three things.

1. Only two comments about my trunk show?! I thought for sure reading my blog and commenting would be the first thing you did this morning after hopping/dragging yourself out of bed. I'm highly disappointed.

2. I got the cutest card ever in the mail today from my friend, Shanna. I already knew she was a super talented scrapper and card maker but this one far exceeds anything she's ever sent me before. So freaking clever and cute. I'm going to keep it forever.

3. I went and looked at sewing machines today! So, the thought of getting a new one was really just a dream but I'm thinking that it may soon become a reality. I guess the area where I live could sort of be considered rural so there aren't very many dealers around here. We went to a town about 40 minutes away to check out The Cotton Ball's fabric selection and they just happen to be a Pfaff dealer. I really just wanted to look at the machine but then got in a long, in depth conversation with the dealer about my needs, etc. I think I've decided that the Pfaff Expression 2027 is the best machine for me. A HUGE step up from my current machine but not too many features that I won't ever use. It's about $900 which includes tax and some lessons and they offering 6 months of financing with no interest. So, I'm hoping to sell my Singer Futura CE-100 and Hyperfont cd for around $300-350, put that toward the Pfaff and then pay $100/month for the six months.

If anyone reading this has the Pfaff Expression 2027, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. And, if by chance anyone is interested in my Futura sewing/embroidery machine, feel free to contact me.


jona said...

Oh man! I had the comment page up and everything and the darn husband distracted me so now I look like the bad friend! And I was going to tell you how cute you looked and how yummy all your creations look. I feel like an ass (don't tell your mom I said that).
LOVE the new sidebar pic!! And that card is so darn cute and funny!

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Oh darn . . a day late! Poohie! Hope you had a blast . . I know you did great!

Kristi said...

1. Okay, I was out of town for a few days. That's my excuse. The pics look great and I hope it was a wild success for you.

2. Shanna makes the cutest cards! I love the pun on that one!

3. No help on the sewing machine. I've only ever used Singer or Bernina...all the school district would ever let me buy for class.