Saturday, March 15, 2008

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

See if you can follow me. I met my good friend Keeley in an online scrapbooking forum. Through her, I met her sister Shana. Shana's friend, Heather became one of my customers after Shana sent her my info. or a bag (can't remember which one). Heather's mom is my newest stalker/addict.

So, at the event I did today, this girl walks up and asks if I'm Crafty Mama and sort of looks at me weird like she knows me. I think I gave her a confused/snotty look in return. Then she turns to the side and has one of my bags I sold on Etsy on her shoulder. Turns out it's Heather from the six degrees of separation above. She lives about 2 1/2 hours from me, was in town on vacation, and decided to come visit me today. How nice is that?! And I think she officially took over the top addict title because she bought three bags, a set of burp cloths, and one of these new oil cloth pouches.

Anyway, I'm home from the event where I did very well (thanks Heather!) even though the attendance was very low and most other vendors didn't fare so well. I do have several new items I'm listing on Etsy right now and am also reactivating lots of older items. Just a few shopping hours left until my gift certificate give away ends at midnight so be sure to check out my shop tonight.


jona said...

Your stuff looks great!! I wish I had stalkers....lucky!

Shana said...

Aw...yay you got to meet Heather! As far as stalkers go, she's probably the best type of stalker to that buys lotsa bags! And she's a therapist too so she could help you with any issues as well while stalking! LOL Cute pictures ladies!