Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Favorites

I started this quite a while ago and haven't done it in a looooooong time. So here goes....

My new Lands End modal foldover skirt. Sorry, they won't let me steal their pics:(
You must buy it. Totally worth the money (but I had a great coupon). I want to wear it everyday and get it in brown and maybe the pink too. I really think it's the perfect skirt. Crafty Papa begs me to wear skirts more often and occasionally show my legs the light of day. I don't wear them often mostly because I'm tall and have trouble finding them long enough and they're just not always practical for my mommy life.
This one is perfect. Not too tight but not loose either (which just makes you look bigger). I wore it yesterday with a fitted 3/4 sleeve top and got compliments. I did my regular mommy thing....Walmart, trip to the movies, cleaning, telling the children to stop screaming at me...and it worked perfectly. Really, sell a kidney or something and buy it. Oh, and I'm a size 10 and got a medium. It fits perfectly.

Lands End Modern Fit T's. Again, perfect. I swear, I don't work for Lands End but now I feel like I should. They're heavier than the crappy quality you find at places like Old Navy these days but not so heavy that they're bulky or hot. My new mission in life is to own one in every color and style.

Avon beyond color eye shadow. Maybe this isn't new but I've never seen anything like it. I bought it in Iced Mocha and I love it. I wear it everyday now. I'm hoping they'll start making it in a few more colors.

Big flower rings. I'm not sure why I like these so much since they're probably not compatible with my mommy life. I just had a thought though...I could claim the ring is stuck on my finger and I don't want to damage it by doing the dishes or snag clothing on it by folding laundry so I'll have to give up all household duties other than cooking.

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Taiya said...

I am rather liking the large flower rings myself, despite how inept I am with my wedding rings. Still cute, though.