Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sick Mama

Yesterday the house was clean, the girls were happily playing, and I was planning the bag I was going to make during our afternoon movie time. Then, sickness hit. I've spent all afternoon, night, and this morning either laying back in the recliner or in quality time in the bathroom. My mom is really sick too so we chatted yesterday, comparing symptoms and commiserating. I'm parenting from my chair and throwing out Easter jelly beans to bribe the children into letting me rest.

As much as I like tv and relaxing, one can only spend so many consecutive hours doing those activities. So last night, I threw some of my new Czech glass beads into my small round metal cake pan and went to work in the recliner. Not sure why it had never occurred to me before to work this way. Anyway, I made a necklace and set of earrings that I'm very pleased with. Even Crafty Papa thinks they're pretty.

The pictures are a different story though. I think in general, it's really hard to photograph jewelry. I spent some of last night's immobile couch time looking at jewelry listings on Etsy to get some picture ideas but it seems like every single person has a different take. The Czech glass beads are really gorgeous in person. I mean, really, really pretty. I wish there was someway to truly capture all of the color and sparkle in pictures. Anyway, here's what I took last night. I may list the set soon or keep working on pictures. My stomach hurts too bad to think about it today.


Marie said...

I love that set...those are the colors I wear all the time...and the pendant you added is super cute.

Hope you feel better soon...I usually parent from my bed and throw fruit roll ups at the kids when I'm sick. :)

BrownBag*Boutique said...

Ok - I read your blog all the time (but I promise I'm not some crazy stalker) but have never commented. I love making jewelry and if you don't have a beading mat get one (the one I have is by beadolon and is really cheap - they come in a pack of 3 for like 5.00) They are WONDERFUL and keep your beads from rolling everywhere (especially when you want to lay back in the recliner and work!) Love the set and hope you feel better soon!