Monday, April 6, 2009

I did it!

It took me 8 days, but I got refocused and I finally listed another bag in my shop. And let me tell you how hard it was. I worked 25 hours last week on top of my stay at home mom gig and my butt has been dragging all day today. Then, the mail came and I had a box of fabric from Jona with prints I ordered for tops for me. My choices were to relax in the leather recliner and spend my afternoon making sure the internet didn't miss me, sew another shirt for myself, or make a bag for you guys. The sacrifices I make. :)

I think it turned out rather nicely, don't you? Perfect colors for spring and enough variation in color that it can coordinate with a lot of different outfits (if you feel like your purse needs to match your clothes - I don't). And I think it's a great size, kind of a larger purse or small tote. I think you should buy it and then go get yourself an Easter outfit to match.

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