Friday, April 17, 2009

The View this Afternoon...

from my lap.

Perfect weather. Kids splashing. Cake pan full of new beads. Moderately sexy black dress for my hubs.

Have I said how much fun I'm having with beads? What, I've already mentioned that a few hundred times? It's so relaxing and I love that I can work on it anywhere. Like in the backyard with my bathing beauties.

I present to you, The Mermaid Set. Named by Bella. She's dying for me to keep this set. I tried on the necklace to make sure I liked the length and she begged me to put on the earrings and keep everything. Don't worry, I didn't - I think respecting rules of hygiene is a big part of customer service so I won't pre-wear your jewelry for you.

I sent off my first jewelry purchase today and decided that it should be a gift in a gift. So, I packaged it all pretty-like and will definitely do this for every order. I have a few thousand or so of these scrapbooking flowers so I guess I could spare a few in the name of pretty packaging.


Kristi said...

looks like a nice way to spend the afternoon. Loving your new jewelry!

Marie said...

I love the new 'mermaid' appropriately named...tell Bella she did a great job! I love any craft you can do and not be glued to the craft table. And I love that pretty packaging!

roxybonds said...

I'm not a jewelery person, but I really love those colors!!!!!!!!!! I'd break my rules of diamond earrings and diamond pendant for that set ;)