Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friends are the Best!

I just got home from preschool run and saw a package on my front porch. At first I thought it was my Lands End order (yeppers, I ordered most of my faux cart with a 30% off code!) but I realized the box was too small. Then I thought it was the beads I bought on Etsy last week but the box was too big.

Even better than the package you expect is the package you don't expect. My sweet and fun friend, Texas Kristi, sent me some of the Pink Sugar perfume I had on my Friday Favorites a few months ago! Thank you so much Kristi! I immediately over-applied so I'm sure I'll go into work tonight smelling like a cheap hooker. And I owe it all to you, Kristi:)

I've known Kristi online for a few years now and finally got to meet her in person in January. She was exactly how I expected her to be and I spent the weeks following the retreat telling Steve how much I wished she lived here (I think she wishes that too!). I could totally see myself hanging out with her every weekend and taking my girlies to her boys' football games to cheer for them.

Getting a surprise package totally made my day and reminded me how good it feels to be part of a random act of kindness. So, during the next week or so, I'm going to send out a few RAOK's that will hopefully brighten someone's day. If you get one from me, share the love and do a RAOK for someone else.


Taiya said...

So the rest of us who don't get packages from you can slack on the RAOKs? :) J/K. I love getting random packages(usually from my grams in Florida-she who sends the best boxes)they are fantastic! Such a boost. Glad to see you are spreading the joy!

roxybonds said...

how sweet that texas kristi is :)

Kristi said...


KelsyC said...

YAY for blog buddies! Thanks for your comment today. It totally made my day! LOL! :-*