Friday, April 10, 2009

New Addiction

Beading. I loves it. I've played a little with jewelry making in the past but always just used cheapo Walmart and Michael's beads. I decided to try out some of the good stuff this week and now I'll never go back. I bought a bunch of Czech glass beads from an Etsyer and am super pleased with my purchase. They're gorgeous in person and so colorful. And they just have so much more weight and presence than the cheap stuff.

Don't you love the owl beads? I bought them in the blue and a butter yellow and got some greens and browns to coordinate with the yellow. Thoughts? Should I list them in my shop or is that too much of a hodge podge of stuff to have in one shop?

ETA: The beads came from mountainshadowdesign on Etsy.

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Marie said...

I would list are certainly a jack of all trades! Have you thought about adding a pendant of some sort? I love the owls...can't get enough of owls!

BTW, I got the pattern for 99 cents at Joann's and I can't wait to try it as soon as I get done with the girls Easter dresses.