Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pattern Review: Simplicty 4176, View B

I'm finding sewing for myself to be quite enjoyable. In fact, I got so confident, I actually ordered myself some full price fabric from Jona! As much as I like the simple peasant top I've been making (did two more), I know it's not super flattering and kind of blah so I wanted to make something with a little more shape.

Jona recommended this pattern on her blog several months ago but she did view D. I really like that view but stumbled across a review of view B this morning and decided to give it a go since it may be more do-able for my work dress code than view D. That was really boring. I should just delete the first half of this paragraph but I won't.

Anyway, I LOVE it. It was super easy, only took about an hour or so. And I absolutely love this fabric. I know I'm a little pale for it but I'll start beefing up on the Avon spray tanner. I had no problem at all understanding the directions which is a huge feat for me.

My only negative comment is the sizing issue. I wear a size 10 in regular clothing which according to Simplicity, equates to size 18 in patterns. The first pattern I bought only went up to 12 or 14 so I had to exchange it for the bigger sizes. Even though the pattern called for an 18, I made a size 16 because in my very limited pattern experience, the finished garment always comes out far too big. And even at a size smaller than recommended, it still came out too big. I took in 3-4 inches from the hem all the way up through the bodice. The neck is still a little too big/scoopy so I'll adjust that next time (if I can figure out how).

Anyway, overall, I highly recommend the pattern and I'll definitely be making it again. I'm pretty sure I can wear it to work which is a huge bonus and I have a few different colored cropped sweaters that will work really well with this style.

How terrible are the pictures? It's raining so I can't do them outside, Crafty Papa's asleep in the recliner, and Bella could only get half of me in every shot she took. So, I had to resort to self timer in my bedroom with the little lady posing with me. And wouldn't you agree that you would never try this pattern based on those ugly pics on the packaging? Big thanks to Jona for reviewing the pattern and convincing me to give it a try!


roxybonds said...

In my VERY limited sewing experience, i don't get why you can't just make the size you are????

If you master that one, let me know! I really like that shirt! I'd run out and buy that pattern, but I'd probably ruin both the pattern itself and the fabric!

Anonymous said...

Love this one!
--Natalie Stewart Graham

Marie said...

You're inspiring me a bit to sew for myself. I can't read a pattern to save my life and I never understood the whole pattern sizing issue. I'm 5 feet tall and wear a size 2, do they even make patterns for women who aren't even a normal height? I'd have to do some serious adjusting of the hem on that shirt. If this was seriously easy for you to understand then I really might go pick that pattern up tomorrow and make me one because it looks so dang cute on you.

Kelci said...

Marie, you could totally make it. It's only 5 pattern pieces and you end up sewing two of them together and treating them as one so really, only 4. And I actually made mine what they consider "tunic length" which is about 5-6" longer than intended (I'm 5'9"). I definitely think you should give it a try and when you are figuring out what size to make, look at the finished dimensions as well (they're on the bottom of the chart on the back).

jona said...

It looks beautiful! Isn't that fabric great (so worth it!)? ;) I like the cap sleeves too.

I know what you mean about the neckline. I took it in a little bit because it did that gapping thing. I'll pull out my pattern and send you pictures of how I adjusted it. One thing I've just started doing is looking at the finished measurements that are listed on the actual pattern pieces (which seems weird), and using those to determine my size.

Brandy said...

Oh I LOVE that shirt!

Taiya said...

I have been enjoying your blog, so I went and checked all of the ones I missed... I love this shirt! So cute! Also.. my daughter has those same great strawberry pajamas. :) She is getting to the age where I can actually start sewing now and finish a project, yeah!