Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Reveal...Listed in the Shop on Friday

"The Mama Bag" - $50, with coordinating zippered pouch, named after Crafty Mama herself:)

"The Kristi Bag" - $26, named after my friend Texas Kristi. I'm convinced she lives in the wrong state and is supposed to live just down the street from me in California. Our husbands would get along and her boys would learn to love playing princesses with my girls. We'd get together every weekend for margarita and bbq night and spend hours crafting. At least, that's how I've always pictured it.

"The Bella Bag" - $32, named after my big girl who had lots of input on the style and materials used for this first listing.

"The Shanna Bag" - $30, named after my sweet southern friend who has given me hundreds of hours of online chat time to save my sanity. Her very first Crafty Mama bag was this style.

"The Matea Bag" - $36, named after my little monkey. She chose the fabrics and apparently thought she was going to keep the bag. Got thirty-six bucks Tatey? Anyway, she's pretty pissed off it's being sold so if you buy it, watch your back.

"The Stephanie Bag" - $36, named for Nie Nie. A constant source of inspiration.

"The Bailey Bag" - $32, named after my friend Alissa who first convinced me to start making bags almost 4 1/2 years ago!

The unnamed bag - $38, will be named after the first person who purchases it!

Be sure to check my shop tomorrow morning (or maybe late tonight:) ).


Marie said...

wow! you have been working hard!!! it all looks fantastic Kelci! I hope you do well and I think this is a great direction for your shop!

Amanda M. said...

These are all so beautiful! I love how you named them after your friends. And you are SO funny - your daughter is gonna kick somebody's butt - I love it! :)

roxybonds said...

Dear whoever purchased the Kristi bag,
You were just slightly faster than me, purchasing right underneath my nose. I am very sad. Now I have to stalk for another listing.

Seriously Kelci--- amazing work!!!!! These are going to be HITS!