Monday, August 24, 2009


I've been busy working on the 8 new bags for this Friday's launch and as expected, I've had some changes and rejections along the way. I just listed this bag in my shop made with Alexander Henry's new Camden Fair fabric. The red is bright and colorful in person and I think the zipper is a definite bonus for this bag. It also features a lovely fuzzy flower pin that Jona sent me (don't you think it goes perfectly with this fabric?).

I think this is a great bag, it just didn't make the cut for Friday. I've replaced it with a mini messenger bag that has an outer zippered pocket. I think this feature will be quite popular.

I'm really happy with my line up of bags thus far and will try to post a sneak peek tomorrow. I just bought another huge stack of fabrics today so that I can stay motivated to finish the launch and then consistently make a few bags per week.

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