Friday, August 14, 2009

I need your help!

You should read that title in Dora's annoying perky voice.

I've been having secret conversations with Matea about her surprise Christmas quilt. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do with a three year old. I had set aside a bunch of red scraps for her quilt but as I suspected, she has firmly declared that she's a "puh-pullllll' girl. I don't want to give her a quilt I know she hate and I don't really have enough red scraps anyway.

So, here's the bigger problem. I'm not a huge fan of purple. I thought about trying find purple clearance fabrcis here and there but since I don't love purple to begin, I think I'll have a hard time talking myself into some of the scary prints I see on clearance. I'm thinking I'll just buy a set of fat quarters or some yardage from a collection but I'm having a really hard time finding a mostly purple collection. Any ideas?

ETA: I love, love, love this set...but Tatey only likes the dot! What?! This is also a possibility.


Kristi said...

I really like the second set! Purple is hard for me, but I do love the plum colors I'm seeing more of in the fall fashion lines...maybe the darker hues would be easier for you to get some inspiration from??? Pair it with some mustardy yellow, red and brown? Or is that too fall-ish for Tate?

Marie said...

I actually love purple, especially if it's paired with aqua. You should look at Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market line again...she has this purple pomegranate seeds print with some other coordinates along that colorway that I just love! I am actually making Maddie a skirt with it cause she loves purple.

Kelci said...

Marie, where can you find Farmers Market in stock these days?

Marie said...

These are the 3 farmers market prints I was thinking of: (the first 2 are from the same seller, the last is from a different one).

OR, you can buy it in this bundle: