Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swap Meet

Crafty Papa and I are getting really anxious to get our house sold and move on to the "not broke all the freakin time" stage of our lives. I know, our house has only been listed for 3 weeks in a crappy economy and we have been getting showings, so we need to remain realistic.

But being realistic is not one of my characteristics. For some reason, I'm obsessing (really obsessing) over a specific rental house I've found. I haven't even seen the inside other than my little peek through the windows but the backyard is huge and it has a garage so who cares what the house is like?!

We know that when we move, we'll have to purge lots of stuff. This excites Crafty Papa. He's very anti clutter (unless we're talking car parts) and seems to have pretty much zero emotional attachment to anything. I'm excited too about getting rid of some of the decor we've had in this house for five years and starting fresh with lots of color and funkiness.

So, while lying in bed last night not sleeping, I was walking myself through each room in my house, noting what I wanted to get rid of. I thought I would pile it all into boxes, call my friend Kristi, tell her to take what she wanted and then donate the rest. But this whole swap meet idea sounds like so much more fun! I know there aren't a lot of local people who read the blog, but if you are local-ish and think a swap meet might be something you're interested in, email me or leave a comment so when the time comes, maybe we can organize something.

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