Friday, August 14, 2009

Shop Makeover!

Do things look little different?

On a whim, I decided to do a whole shop makeover tonight. New Etsy banner and avatar, new blog header, new business cards, hang tags, and labels!

I really wanted something custom but my sad Photoshop skillz were getting me no where. I was chatting online with my graphically talented friend, Alissa, and told her I was doing a tree themed makeover. Within minutes, she surprised me with several tree options to use when designing my various marketing tools. Thanks Alissa!

Below you'll see my new business card, hang tag, and labels. I just ordered these tonight so they won't be shipping out with new bags for another week or so. But I loved my new banner so much, I had to get the ball rolling tonight. If you're looking for any kind of design work, I would definitely suggest contacting Alissa about freelance rates. In addition to graphic design, she's very crafty and is a long-time quilter so I think she has an added advantage in working with other crafty ladies.


Marie said...

It's absolutely fabulous Kelci! I love the colors and the theme!

jona said...

I love them (especially the middle vertical one)! The colors are gorgeous and that strip of brown is a nice classy touch!

Keeley Kirwan said...

Love Them Kelci!!

kbloems27 said...

It is great!! I love the trees!