Monday, February 4, 2008

Coming Soon

Just wanted to let you all that I'll definitely be back to posting on Etsy today. I had my very first non paying Etsy-er so I have to relist the two bags she bought and never paid for. I'm headed to the park this morning with the girls and then plan to work on an adorable newborn twirl set featuring Heather Bailey's Freshcut fabrics and a sweet little birdie this afternoon. Could be a very cute "home from the hospital" set for any preggos out there expecting a girl. Cough, cough, Jen, cough.

Ooooo, and I had an idea to share. You know the sweet little peasant dresses I posted last week? I'm going to make a few for Etsy and offer to monogram them with the little girl's first initial (for an extra fee, of course:) ). I was making one yesterday for my mom to give as a gift and realized that they would make a really precious, meaningful baby shower gift. Pics to come later today.

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