Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lets talk blogging

Yet another indicator that I'm becoming way to famous for you...I'm starting to get a lot of spam comments on my blog. Advertisers posting various links and fake virus messages. Anyway, if you see any deleted comments, it's just spam. I will never delete "real" comments, no matter how bad. In fact, if you know me, you'll probably agree that I'd appreciate a comment like, "Were you drunk? That's the ugliest bag I've ever seen!" more than, "Great bag! Keep up the good work."

Also, my family is starting to "give feedback" on my blog. I knew I should have limited their access to the family blog! First, my dad asked why I talk about things here other than my sewing/crafting. Then, my mom told me my picture was bad and "doesn't do me justice". What does that mean? Yeah, it's not the best pic, but I'm pretty sure that's how I look. Lena, can you confirm? And then, my step mom told me I shouldn't say "ass" in my blog. If you've been with me here for a while now, you'll know I write just like I talk and "ass" just flows freely from my mouth and fingertips. That sounds gross. But you know what I mean.

I've actually given some thought to my blog and the feel I wanted it to have. A lot of crafting related blogs are dripping with sweetness and it really bugs me. Instead of highlighting their work or sharing their thoughts, it sometimes feels like the authors are just trying to show how many sugar-coated adjectives they can use in one sentence. Not here folks. I type my thoughts as they're formed and don't try to "finesse" them in anyway. And although, I do reread once for typos before posting, I really try to avoid rewording or otherwise changing anything. I want you guys to feel like you know me. The real me. Not the me who is lazily gazing out of my window, framed by sunkissed vintage curtains, watching a mother bird in the gorgeous tree, wrap her delicate wings around her sweet little babies. See, can't do it.


Cheryl said...

I've got a comment. Don't change one single thing on here. I love the candid 'keepin it real' vibe you've got going on. It blends well w/the pic's of your bags. P.S. your complaints crack me up :)

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Hum . . yah. That last part, um . . wasn't you! Don't change a thing girl! Love reading it all even if I don't comment all the time!

lena rushing said...

i'm tempted to ask which pic before answering your question,"Yeah, it's not the best pic, but I'm pretty sure that's how I look. Lena, can you confirm?" but i'm just going to assume you mean the profile pic. of course it looks like you but i see what your moms saying,your way prettier in real life than in that pic,maybe you could post a glamour shot ( : ha ha ha. there was a post somwhere,not sure if it was here or on the fam blog but i t was of you n steve and i remember thinking it was a great picture of you. i did the opposite w/ my pic(the one in my empty etsy shop). i posted one that looks nothing like the real life everyday me.

Tonya said...

I am over here ROFLOL!
The first thing I noticed about your blog was how REAL you were, and I loved it! Some other blogs kinda make me feel like I am way too grouchy, because things just aren't sunshine and roses all the time at my house. LOL