Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sneak Peek at Tomorrow's Listings

Lovin' this new fabric. Not lovin' my new working conditions as much. I seem to have an underage-very underage-coworker who I believe is creating a hostile work environment. Last night, she used a magnetic fishing pole to pick up my pins and scissors, dangle them in my face while I was trying to sew, and then order me to remove them from her pole. Tonight, she stacked her belongings next to my machine while I was sewing and when I asked her to scoot over she said, "Well, you're in MY way!".

I thought about complaining to her supervisor but he sexually harassed me when I came out of my sewing room for water.


jona said...

I'm dying here!! Typical male boss, sheesh (but if it will get you a nice year end bonus you might consider putting out a little)!

Gorgeous bags by the way. And I can't believe how fast you are!

lena rushing said...

your such a tease

Jon said...
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Tonya said...

ROFLOL I have similar working conditions at my house. I am constantly being sexually harrassed, what is up with that?! ; )