Thursday, February 7, 2008


I was planning to hop back on tonight and talk way too much about that little dress but it has already sold so now I'm not as motivated.

I'll summarize what I was going to say. Many of you probably didn't like the fabric combo but it may be my all time favorite color combo. Got inspiration from a scrapbook my friend Kristi made. Love the combination of classic and modern prints.

Put it on Matea to show that 1. It's freakin adorable on and 2) It can really grow with your baby-even though it's made for a size smaller than Tater, I still think it looks great on her. Picture it paired with red leggings once she really outgrows the length.

That's all. Now I'm off to enjoy my excitement over it selling so quickly. I think I'm going to buy some of the scroll print in green from my friend Jona and use it for the girlies' Easter dresses.


jona said...

I loved that combination of prints (obviously I'm not the only one)! You need to make it again and call it "Chocolate covered Cherries". I think you're definitely onto something with that dress pattern and some quirky fabric combinations!

Kristi said... cute was that little dress! I think Cole really liked it too - or Matea - he keeps wanting me to scroll back down to her picture and screams "Girl!" LOL! I absolutely LOVE the fabric combination!!! Great job!