Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Craptastic Day

First the crap. We're all still sick and these little boogers won't let me sleep. I never ever nap. Maybe twice a year and only when I'm feeling really crappy. I need a nap today. Apparently, Matea only needed 30 minutes. I have half eaten food strewn about the kitchen, fruity cheerios all over the livingroom carpet, and I literally cannot see the floor in my craft room.

Now the fantastic part. First, you all should really think about saving up lots of money and buying a way overpriced house to join me on California's beautiful central coast. We're enjoying another day of mid-70's degree weather and even went swimming today (I don't recommend swimming when you already feel like crap, I promise you won't walk away from it feeling better). The kiddos played in the backyard all afternoon yesterday and we're outside again as I type. It's really one of those days that makes me appreciate living in such an awesome place.

But, the really fantastic part of the day is the beautiful necklace I got to put on this morning. When I first went into Mari's boutique, I noticed some beautiful necklaces that were out of my $0 price range. She said the artist was super nice and she thought she'd probably trade for bags. I kept my fingers crossed but didn't get my hopes up. I've admired the same necklace everytime I've gone in and Mari called me last Friday to say that the lady who makes them was there and wanted to work out a trade. Hot dog! I was so excited 1. That someone was actually interested in my bags at the boutique and 2. That I was going to be the proud owner of an amazing piece of jewelry I would otherwise never be able to afford. Anyway, here it is, along with me.


lena rushing said...

did you just say,"hot dog"?

Kelci said...

Yes, I did. Ok to say. Bad, bad, bad to eat.

Kristi said...

LOL about the HOT DOG! comment.

The necklace is fab!