Thursday, February 14, 2008

The life of a princess

I've learned a lot about princess culture after living with Bella for four years. Rule number 1 is absolutely no wearing of pants except while sleeping or camping. As you can imagine, this sometimes makes getting dressed difficult.

Anyway, this morning I pulled out this adorable rainbow hearts t-shirt Grandma bought her for Valentine's Day. She refused to wear it because we didn't have a matching skirt and as you now know, a princess can't wear pants. So, in a moment of genius (I had just finished my coffee), I ran into our Goodwill bag, dug out some of my old jeans (too big now, thank you very much:) ) and whipped up this little denim swing skirt for her. True to form, it didn't completely meet her standards but after a trip to the naughty spot, she came around. Super easy project, even someone with sewing capabilities as low as my friend Lena's could do this one.

And as you can see from the pics, rule number 2 in princess culture is that you must wear at least 10 accessories at all times, none of which have to go with the rest of your outfit.

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jona said...

You are a flippin' genius! What a great use of an old pair of pants! I thought you were looking mighty skinny in your "Craptastic day" photo (I wish I had jeans that were too big). I'm glad you're feeling better!