Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Job: Day 4

So, today was my fourth day on my "new job". I gave myself Thursdays and Fridays off since most people don't have to work 7 days a week and there just happens to be some good tv viewing on those nights;)

Now, you may be thinking, "I don't see these bags on Etsy." That's because a loyal repeat customer snatched them up within about an hour of me posting them this afternoon. Word on the street is that she owns a little boutique in/around Fresno. If that's not true, she has one serious bag addiction and should seek medical attention.

Thoughts on the dress? Of course, I love it because it's quite a funky combo and features some of my favorites...dots, that damn crochet trim I can't seem to get away from and my cute little monkey modeling it. When I finished it and was ready to take pics, I said, "Matea, are up for taking some pictures?" and she gave a firm "No!". I was hoping for a few more months before she developed an opinion.

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Wishupon said...

I found your blog quite by accident and have fallen in love with your designs. After three years in business and about 4 months with my Etsy shop, I have just recently done the same thing by setting up a work schedule as if I'm going to a "regular job." It's been about 10 days for me and it's working out great. I wish you luck with it as well! (hard to give yourself time off though, isn't it, when it's all sitting right there waiting for you).

Best Wishes!