Sunday, February 3, 2008

So cute and fun

I think my frienemy, Lena, first introduced me to The Black Apple on Etsy a few months ago. I must have been feeling particularly cheap that day because as cute as I thought the prints were, I didn't buy one.

As I'm trying to add some fun, decorative touches to my craft room, I somehow stumbled upon The Black Apple again and had to buy something this time. I love how whimsical the prints are and am really drawn to them for whatever reason. I showed my husband and he said they look "warm". I'm not really sure what that means but it sounds nice.

Anyway, here's the one I bought. Can't wait to get it and find the perfect frame.

And sorry about plugging pics of the boutique window several times and then not delivering. I know most of you probably wasted your Sunday away checking my blog. Anyhow, went down to the shop this morning and the owner realized changing things over was going to be a bigger job than we were up for today so it'll have to wait until Tuesday. This is my first time working with a boutique (I've done wholesale before but have no control over anything after the bag leaves my hands) and I've learned a lot. I had to make hang tags and labels, need to find nicer hangers for my clothes, learned that I should put a sticker on the hang tag with the price so the price can be removed for gift giving, and in general, my prices are too low for the quality of bag I'm creating. That was nice to hear:)

ETA: Apparently Lena doesn't like being called my frenemy. I woke up to an email from her this morning. So, hence forth, she will be referred to as "Lena, my friend who makes fun of me and I like to lecture". Really, she shouldn't be too happy about this distinction because I like to lecture everyone. I've been given the gift of knowing that I'm right about pretty much everything and have to share that with the world. If that's not true, I at least know that her 3 1/2 year old shouldn't be snacking on bubble wrap.

So, I went to Wikipedia to search for the meaning of "frenemy", thinking maybe I misused it. It's listed as "Frenemy can refer to either an enemy disguised as a friend or to a partner that is simultaneously a competitor." I think we all know Lena's competing with me. If you're a regular here, you may remember her juicy booty comments. I believe that even though she calls me an "amazon" (which I hate, makes me sound huge and disgusting), she's completely jealous of my big, round booty and even spent $70 on new jeans to attempt to make hers look as nice. You're also well aware of her public competition with Shanna to buy more bags from me and thus win my affections. Shanna seems to have gone MIA so Lena may be winning that battle by default.


lena rushing said...

HEY, did you just call me your frienemy?...! why? because i tell it like it is? you have been given a great opportunity, so what if it's postponed, it's still wonderful! it's still something to be happy about, it's just happening 72 hours later than expected. don't be a brat. you love me and you know it ( :

lena rushing said...

wow, you must be exhausted from flattering yourself to death,let me know if you need me to bring you some caffine or anything so that you'll have enough energy to care for the children for the rest of the day. p.s. i like the feisty side of's cute,no match for me,but cute.

lena rushing said...

p.s. kelci knows damn well i bought those jeans because i'm a tightwad bargain hunter who got them on sale w/ a coupon! ( : ...that smiley face represents my passive aggressiveness.